Cake Pans

The library has cake pans for borrowing!

Many characters and shapes available for your next event!

Cake Pans Picture


While it might sound strange for a library to loan out cake pans, it is not that different from loaning out books. We have a selection of almost a dozen baking pans in different shapes. You can check any one of the pans out for two weeks; bake a cake for your event, then return the washed pan for the next patron who needs it. As long as you return the pan within the two-week period, it is free of charge. In addition, if you have a specialty pan in good condition that you no longer use regularly we invite you to donate it to our collection.

Included with your check out is a convenient carry bag for the cake pan and laminated directions.

Rules for borrowing these pans are as follows:

Pan Shapes:

While you are using the cake pans, we have a few requests for you to keep in mind:

  1. Please return the pans in clean condition to a library staff member, and
  2. Please do not return the pans in the book drop.

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