Security Camera Policy


Red Bank Public Library Video Surveillance Policy & Procedures

The Red Bank Public Library uses video surveillance equipment to promote the safety of customers, staff and the community. This equipment also helps to protect the library’s property against theft or vandalism and can assist in identifying intruders and persons breaking the law.  In the event of a reported or observed incident, the review of recorded information may be used to assist in the investigation of the incident. The Library will maintain control of and responsibility for the video surveillance system at all times.

The purpose of this video surveillance system document is to establish policy and procedures for using security cameras inside or outside the building operated by the Red Bank Public Library deemed necessary by the Library Director. The Library Director, Borough IT Director, and other designated employees and trustees are authorized to operate the system.  The security cameras will compliment other measures to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Library Director – The Library Director is responsible for the overall Library video surveillance system and is responsible for the Library’s privacy obligations supported by the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.

Library Business Manager - The Library Business Manager in the absence of the Library Director is responsible for the overall Library video surveillance system and is responsible for the Library’s privacy obligations supported by the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. The Library Business Manager will coordinate annual equipment audits, whereby surveillance camera equipment will be reviewed as to its condition, usage, and overall management in coordination with the Borough IT Director.

Borough IT Director – The Borough IT Director is responsible for the technical aspects of the equipment, its installation, maintenance and the retention and disposal of the recorded information.

In designing, installing and operating a video surveillance system, the Library considered the following:

Security camera equipment was installed in identified public areas where video surveillance is a necessary and viable detection of deterrence activity. The equipment will operate up to 24 hours/seven days a week, within the limitations of system capabilities (e.g. digital memory), power disruptions and serviceability/maintenance.

Equipment does not monitor areas where the staff and the public have a higher expectation of privacy (e.g. washrooms).

Clearly written signs, prominently displayed at the entrances, exterior walls, and/or the interior walls of building shall provide staff and the public reasonable and adequate warning that video surveillance is in effect.

The Library will endeavor to be as open as possible about the video surveillance program in operation and upon request, will make available to the public, information on the rationale for the video surveillance program, its objectives and the policies and procedures that have been put in place.

Only authorized personnel will have access to the controlled access area and the recording equipment. Video monitors will not be in a position that enables public viewing.

The maintenance program for reception and recording equipment will include optimizing and lens cleaning while ensuring that the equipment is operating properly and in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications. Library staff will endeavor to promptly follow up on issues or concerns regarding the performance of equipment.

Any information obtained through the video surveillance system may only be used for the purposes set out in the policy and must relate to the protection of the staff and the public, including the discipline or consequences that arise from that, or it must assist in the detection and deterrence of criminal activity, vandalism and dumping of unwanted property.  Information will not be retained or used for any purposes other than those described in the policy. Camera surveillance will not be used for monitoring staff performance.

Since video surveillance systems create a record by recording personal information we have implemented the following procedures on the use and retention of recorded information:

Only the Library Director, Library Business Manager, Library Board President, Library Circulation Supervisor and Borough IT Director may review the information. Circumstances that would warrant review will normally be limited to an incident that has been reported/observed or to investigate a potential crime. Real-time viewing of video footage will be conducted on an adhoc basis and only by those identified above.

The retention period for information that has not been required for law enforcement, library or public safety purposes shall not exceed one month. This timeframe is based on risk assessment, privacy considerations, and equipment capabilities. Recorded information that has not been used in this fashion, within this timeframe, is then routinely erased in a manner in which it cannot be reconstructed or retrieved.

When recorded information has been required for law enforcement or public safety purposes the retention period shall be one year from the date of viewing.

A release form will be completed before any recorded information is disclosed to appropriate authorities. The form will indicate who took the information, under what authorities, when this occurred, and if it will be returned or destroyed after use.

The following disclaimer for the Red Bank Public Library website ( has been approved by the Library Board of Trustees:

Disclaimer Language - English

Video surveillance is in effect for the safety and security of our customers and staff.  Cameras monitor public areas of the library that are not easily viewed from public service desks and staff areas where valuable library property is stored. 

Cameras help to protect the library’s property against theft or vandalism and can assist in identifying intruders and persons breaking the law or violating the library’s Rules of Conduct.

Cameras are not used in rest rooms, nor are they positioned to identify a person’s reading, viewing or listening activities in the library.

Signs are posted in all areas that are monitored by security cameras.

Recorded information from security cameras is retained for one month.  For investigations initiated by law enforcement, security camera recordings are only made available to law enforcement through a legal subpoena or warrant.  Recorded information that is subpoenaed is retained for one year.

REVIEWED and APPROVED: Board of Trustees July 2016

Disclaimer Language - Spanish

Para la seguridad de nuestros empleados y clientes estamos usando cámaras de vigilancia. Las cámaras observan las aéreas públicas en la biblioteca donde tenemos propiedad valiosa cuales no son fácilmente vigiladas por nuestros empleados.

Las cámaras protegen las propiedades de la biblioteca contra el vandalismo o el robo, y también pueden ser usadas para identificar intrusos y personas que estén rompiendo las leyes o violando las reglas de conducta de la biblioteca.

No usamos cámaras en los baños y no las usamos para identificar lo que nuestros clientes leen o escuchan en la biblioteca.

Tenemos letreros por todas partes de la bibliotecas que dicen que las cámaras de vigilancia estan en uso.

Las grabaciones de las cámaras de vigilancia se guardan por un mes. Si la información es necesaria para una investigación legal, las entregaremos solamente si recibimos una citación o autorización legal. Grabaciones citadas por las autoridades, se guardan por un año.

Revisado por un abogado –Aprobado: Board of Trustees July 2016