Technology Policy

The Red Bank Public Library is pleased to offer the public access to computers and laptops to enable informational, educational and recreational activities. Use of the Internet is a privilege and inappropriate use will result in suspension and eventual cancellation of this privilege.


  • Computer use is free to Red Bank Public Library card holders or card holders of other LMXAC libraries.

  • Non-members will be issued a one-time-use guest card. Guest users must show picture ID issued by a government agency, employer or a financial or educational institution. Guest passes are limited to one (1) one hour session per day. Non-members requiring more computer time on a regular basis are encouraged to purchase a library card.

  • Patrons must bring their library card/key card with them. Staff will only supply card numbers on an exception basis and only with valid identification.

  • Patrons who have fines or charges of more than $5 on their library records will be denied access to the Internet until payment is made. Guest passes will be revoked if it is determined that patron has a library card with overdue items.

  • Public access to Internet workstations is on first come first served basis; however, Red Bank cardholders and LMxAC library cardholders are given priority at high-demand periods.

  • Internet sessions are one hour in length.

  • Patrons are limited to two [2] one hour sessions per day. Sessions will be automatically renewed if computers are available. If not there is a one hour wait between sessions.

  • Printouts cost $.15 per page for black and white, $.40 per page for color. Printout costs must be added to a library card in $1.00 increments only. No refunds will be provided.

  • The library does not provide email accounts. Patrons are welcome to use their own email accounts or establish accounts on any of the free email services. Library staff cannot set up email accounts for library users.

  • Downloading is restricted to removable storage devices. Personal files or software downloaded or saved to computer hard drives will be removed. Flash drives may be purchased at the circulation desk.

  • The Red Bank Public Library is not responsible for damage done to private systems through downloads from library computers.

  • Headphones must be worn when patrons are using audio while at the public computers. Earbuds can be purchased at the circulation desk.

  • The Express Computer is for 15 minute access only. This provides quick access for all visitors. Patrons may not pull up a chair and use this computer for more than the 15 minutes allowed.

  • No food or drink is allowed at the computer work stations. Leave drinks on a nearby table, not the floor.

  • The library discourages the use of cell phones while in the library, but recognizes their importance in contemporary life; therefore while library patrons may access the text feature on their phones in the building, cell phone ring tones and notifications must be set to mute or vibrate, and all phone conversations should be conducted in the vestibule area in a low and muted tone.


  • Laptop computers are available for patrons who want extended time on a computer. The laptops require a library card and a valid driver’s license which are kept at the Reference Desk while the laptop is in use

  • Laptops are locked to a table so patron may feel free to leave computer to take breaks, etc.

  • Patrons may not load software on the laptop. Periodic updates of the laptops are required – please notify the Reference Librarian if a laptop needs attention.


  • Parents must indicate the level of computer access they deem acceptable for their child on the child’s registration card or sign a separate permission slip before the child is allowed to access the Internet.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the Internet information selected or accessed by their children.

  • Unattended minors may only use the internet if their parents have given written permission. Unattended minors without a card may only use the internet for homework purposes.


  • The Library’s wireless networks are open to all visitors – no password is required. (RBPL and RBPL Public Wifi)

  • The wireless network shuts down at 15 minutes before closing.

  • Users are responsible for configuring their own equipment.

  • The Library’s wireless network is not secure. Information is not protected while using wireless unless users are connected to a website that uses encryptions.

  • Wireless users agree to abide by the Red Bank Public Library Technology Policy which prohibits illegal activity while using the Library’s Internet service.

  • The Library is not responsible for any hardware or software issues that may arise while connecting to the wireless network or while attempting to connect/disconnect to the network.


  • The library does not use filtering software. Patrons are responsible for the content that they access. Parents are responsible for the safe use of library computers by their children.

  • The library upholds the right of patrons to use the Internet in a safe, confidential manner, however, the Internet is an unregulated medium. The library cannot guarantee complete privacy and security for any user. Patrons should use caution especially when accessing personal and financial information especially e-mail, bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.

  • No patron may disclose personal information about a minor through interactive online media i.e. e-mail, chat, etc.

  • Patrons may not use the identity of another patron to gain access to library computers.


  • Viewing pornographic images or engaging in obscene chatting.

  • Criminal activity including but not limited to: hacking, uploading or downloading computer viruses, sexual exploitation of minors, online stalking or harassment.

  • Altering settings, downloading software or making permanent changes to computer systems.

  • Conducting a business or commercial enterprise.

  • Uses which cause damage to the system's components including damage to software, hardware or data may result in termination of user privilege.

The library views Internet access as a privilege, not a right. The Red Bank Public Library reserves the right to cancel any patron’s session or to deny access to computers by patrons who repeatedly violate Internet policy or the library’s patron conduct policy for a period to be determined by the library director. In the case of serious, deliberate damage to library computer systems, or other criminal activity, the library reserves the right to contact law enforcement.